Seaweed crisps are the healthy alternative to potato chips and they are super tasty!

Check out our simple recipe below:


Sea spaghetti, dillisk, sea lettuce as available and olive or nut oil

If dried soak seaweed. Afterwards wash thoroughly with clear water removing any shells or incrustations.

Squeeze to remove as much water as possible. Place the seaweed into a bowl and add a little bit of your favourite oil like olive  oil or nut oil.

Place it on a baking tray, heat the oven to 150 °C and bake until crispy.

The time necessary varies with the  seaweed. So you need to check from now and then.

For a change add Wakame. If you use Kombu or Sweet Kombu you need to soak it first in plenty of fresh water for about 30 minutes, drain then and dry using kitchen paper.

And enjoy!