nori seaweed dried


Check out our simple recipe for seaweed flakes.

What you need:

  • different types of seaweed like
  • Dillisk, Nori, Sea Spaghetti, Sea lettuce

Seaweed Flakes can be used as a tasty and healthy add on to many dishes

  • Sprinkle seaweed flakes on salads or in soups

  • Mix into mashed potatoes or omelettes

  • also tasty in fish batter

  • add to your favourite seasoning on meat or fish before cooking or placing on the barbecue


How to prepare seaweed flakes

Although seaweed is sold dried there is still a bit of moisture left. So if you want to grind or flake it all the moisture must be gone. It has to be crisp dry.

If you want to make sure to retain most nutrients we recommend to dehydrate slowly at low heat (40°C) in your oven. This may take some time.

Some seaweed is crispy faster than others so check regularly when the different types are ready.

After cooling and crushing into flakes or grinding store in sealed bags, jam jars or spice shaker in a dry place and away from direct light.

Enjoy your nutritious add on!